Thursday, September 13, 2012

wedding crashers

This past weekend we drove to St. Joseph, MI to attend a family wedding.  With our newly purchased wedding apparel hung in the back of the van, we made our way west excited to reunite with family, dance our little hearts out, and feast on wedding cake.  Considering the long morning of travel, lack of naps, increased levels of adrenaline and enthusiasm, the amount of sweet treats offered all day long by the hands of different family members (Candy Corn, Mentos, suckers...oh my!), the little lady and man conducted themselves pretty well for the formal affair.

Having waited until the day before the wedding to hunt for suitable wedding clothes, I was pleased to score outfits for three out of four family members at a reasonable cost.  A highlight of the trip (for me) was when over lunch, the little lady proudly announced to extended family members that she found the perfect dress for the wedding and that "it. was. a. DEAL, and cost ONLY $12.99!!!"  Love that our gal keeps it real, and is learning to appreciate the sweet satisfaction of price reductions. 

Ah yes, love was in the air.
The Dawn Ankli Family

Mimi and her little lady.
For the record, I love my brother-in-law.  The kids are pretty big fans, as well.

Our little man suddenly looking not so little as he took Mimi for a spin on the dance floor.

The reception proved to be another highlight of the day's joyful festivities.  From watching our children guzzle water from champagne glasses to their greedy consumption of wedding cake, they provided much of our evening entertainment.  And, when at last the DJ played the first tune of the night, our little lady was the first enthusiastic dancer to hit the floor.  Turning heads, left and right, she moved her little body into exhaustion, and exited the dance floor only when her "foot owies" proved too much to bear.  She spent the remainder of the evening heart broken in the arms of her Mimi.

 While our time in Michigan was short, it was filled with many sweet and memorable moments.


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  2. The couple is looking extremely beautiful! I am in love with their wedding location too! I have always attended weddings at all kinds of wedding venues NYC but saw such kind of natural beauty and elegance for the first time.


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